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For those of us that live in Grindrod we care greatly for our community. It is our goal here at to be your community portal. Your participation is important. Become a member today.

Bring the bus to Grindrod.

Although taxi service should be available. Affordable transit is also needed. Many seniors will not be able to afford taxi service. The bus is affordable by all income groups. Even one or two days a week could allow Grindrodians the ability to access services in Vernon and or Salmon Arm. At rates of $2.50 a direction or less.

Public transit is a environmental and economical friendly way to provide transportation services to our communities.

With the goal of making our great attraction. We have see questionnaires handed out to patrons asking their input on the current menu. Changes they would like to see. We hope this will lead to a quality menu showcasing the quality we have here in Grindrod. With a focus on local products on the menu we will share with the world the greatness of our community. Looking forward to the announcement.

GMO foods.

Genetically modified foods are a real problem for the health of our community. The primary reason for mortification is ownership. Fallowed by the ability to take the presences of more chemicals. A better food for us or our animals is highly in contention.

Here is a link to more information. CPAN

Pasture for bees

Flowering now are: Bee pasture

Chicory,Cichorium intybus

Grown commercially for herbal and as a coffee substitute. You will find this plant on roadsides and waste areas of farms and gardens. click the image for details.

Bee sure to check out the Grindrod project

See the latest happenings in the grindrodproject

The Garlic Festival was a huge success.

There was a great turn out of vendors. It was great to see them all.

Would You support Local specials at River Front?

As a community we would supply the kitchen with the things we produce. Eggs, vegetable, meats, grain, honey, herbs etc. They will turn them into a gourmet delight. We all will enjoy the bounty our community has to offer and share it with our labours. Go to our Facebook page to comment.

Last Update January 26, 2016

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